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Government mandate regulations for the operation of a motion picture theatre:
City of Toronto By-Law (see link)
Province of Ontario (see link)

studio film and video services:

Digital Cinema Package Creation

  • 2K/4K Full Feature DCP
  • $400  Flat Rate (up to 120 min) + Special includes CRU drive *
  • 2K/4K Short Film DCP
  • $150 Flat Rate (up to 30 min) + Special includes USB drive*
  • DCP Encryption: $10 per KDM key*
  • Blu Ray Screener: $40 per DISK*
  • DCP Duplication $75*

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 * All services require advance payment in full. *MC/VISA/AMEX/INTERAC/PAYPAL.
  Turn around time is 3 business days after delivery of source file.
   No post production of any kind is included with DCP creation pricing.
   Prices do not including shipping.
   Source file at 24 fps - conversion if required is extra.
   Non 5.1 audio mixed to Left/Centre/Right channel (Centre is created as L/R blend)

   Formatting stamdard for DCP FLAT or SCOPE at 24 fps.
   DCPs are tested on DCI compliant projector and cinema server