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Kingsway Theatre Schedule starting Friday April 19 to Thursday April 25 2024

1:15 pm Demon Slayer 2024 (Sat Sun)

1:15 pm Migration (Sat Sun) 

2:45 pm Ordinary Angels (Fri Thurs)

2:45 pm Poor Things (Sat Mon Wed)

2:45 pm The Monk and the Gun (Sun Tues)

2:45 pm Late Night With the Devil (Mon Wed)

3:00 pm Problemista  (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

4:20 pm Bob Marley: One Love (Sat Mon Wed) 

5:00 pm The Boy and the Heron (Fri Sun Tues Thurs) 

5:00 pm Unsinkable (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

5:00 pm High & Low - John Galliano (Sat Mon Wed)

7:00 pm Poor Things (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

7:00 pm Exhuma (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

7:00 pm Problemista (Sat Mon Wed)

7:00 pm Villains Inc (Sat Mon Wed)

8:45 pm Late Night With the Devil (Sat Mon Wed)

8:45 pm Bob Marley One Love (Sat Mon Wed) 

9:15 pm Bladerunner 35mm (Fri) 

9:15 pm Imaginary (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

9:15 pm Love Lies Bleeding (Sun Tues Thurs)

10:15 pm The Matrix 35mm (Sat) 

(Watch for the Kingsway Theatre TV Spots on Late Night CHCH 11)
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