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Kingsway Theatre Schedule starting Friday March 24 to Thursday March 30

1:00 pm Jesus Revolution (daily)

1:00 pm 80 for Brady (Fri/ Mon to Thurs)

1:00 pm Lyle Lyle the Crocodile (Sat Sun)

2:40 pm The Fabelmans (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

2:40 pm TAR (Sat Mon Wed)

3:15 pm Women Talking (daily)

5:15 pm Marlowe (daily)

5:15 pm Bandshees of Inisherin (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

5:15 pm A Man Called Otto (Sat Mon Wed)

7:20 pm Women Talking (daily)

7:20 pm Jesus Revolution (daily)

9:20 pm Magic Mike (Sat to Thurs)

9:20 pm 2010: The Year We Make Contact 35mm (Fri)

9:20 pm EO (Sat Wed)

9:20 pm Missing (Sun Wed)

9:20 pm Knock at the Cabin (Tues)

(Watch for the Kingsway Theatre TV Spots on Late Night CHCH 11)
CHCH Channel 11 Hamilton

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